James "Toby" Driver

Mr. James “Toby” Driver was born July 23, 1949 in Columbia, South Carolina.  He departed this earthly life on Thursday, September 23, 2004.


After graduating from C. A. Johnson in 1969, he enlisted in the United States Air Force military service career, he furthered his education by earning an Associate Arts Degree in 1977 from Midlands Technical College.


His many accomplishments included:  two black belts in martial arts, and he hosted a live dance TV Show “Touch Disco.”  He was a model with the “Fountain of Fashions,” radio personality with the following Columbia area stations WDPN, WCOS, WTGH, and WLGO.  Toby was an extraordinary  poet.  Among his accomplishments was the publication and recording of one of his many poems:  “Kingdom In The Sky.”  Toby was an African-American history enthusiast. He also was a gospel music quartet historian.  He was one of the most popular on air gospel music personalities in South Carolina. 


Toby became a new man when he accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior and was baptized in October 1986.  He joined and was a faithful member of Good News Gospel Work Outreach Ministries. 


He was united in Holy Matrimony to Patricia Ann Lewis on January 4, 1987.  She preceded him in death on March 4, 1994.


Those left to cherish his memories are:  his mother, Ms. Annie L. Driver, of Columbia, South Carolina; his sister and best friend, Ms. Annie S. Milliken, of Columbia, South Carolina; two brothers, Mr. Willie “Tick” Driver and Mr. Michael Driver, both of Columbia, South Carolina; mother-in-law, Ms. Dorothy Smith; three stepchildren, Lacenta, Terrence and Tiffany; nieces, Rosalyn Milliken, of Kennesaw, Georgia, Tieniko Newton, of Charlotte, North Carolina, Tondalaya Redfren and Tasha Driver of Columbia, South Carolina; nephews, Larry B. Milliken of Charlotte, North Carolina, Stanley Goffeney of Columbia, South Carolina, Greg Brown of Columbia, South Carolina, and Eric Golston of Columbia, South Carolina; a host of other loving relatives and friends, all of whom will miss him dearly.




In my heart, there is a yearning,

That keeps my soul burning.

It fills me with desire,

And set my spirit of fire.


I have come to understand, that god holds me in His hands.

And it fills my heart with glee to know that God cares for me!


As I mediate on the word, and have faith in what I heard.


I have begun to realize that there is a place beyond the skys.

And the life, in which I now live, I’d gladly to my Father give.


And when the time comes, when I die,

Please, for me, do not cry.

For my soul will be set free, and I will live eternally.


I have come to understand that the Father of Light holds me in His Hands.

And it fills my heart with glee to know that the Father

of Light care for me!


In the twilight of my days,

In the twinkling of an eye,

I will be with my Father,

In that kingdom in the sky!


Toby Driver




Toby D

That’s who you will always be to me

Was thinking about you

And all that you would do


You had a caring heart

That really set you apart


You did things your way

But, with results so,

what can we say


In doing all the things you would do

You would always remind us and say

My brothers and sisters don’t

Ever forget "God loves you"


As a friend you were so, so true

You could be counted on, no matter

What others would say or NOT do


You were a prayer warrior

Yeah He, Yeah He you would say

Jesus it’s me, it’s that time of day

Time to fall on our knees and pray


Mankind is blessed

Why? Let me tell the rest


You are the definition of a friend

Always thinking of your fellowman

And always willing to lend a helping hand


Some talked the talk

But you walked the walk


You provided food to those that hunger

With you around they suffered no longer


The downtrodden you would never forget

You felt their pain

And would always say

Brother don’t fret

See, God is not through with you yet


You see,

You did the things God

Requires us to do

You clothed the naked


You did the things God

Requires us to do

You visited the sick


You did the things God

Requires us to do

You never forget those in bondage


You did the things God

Requires us to do

You demonstrated a love that was True


You would say ‘You’re never alone my brother"

You ensured others that they could endure

Always telling others about God’s goodness

And reminded us daily that for us

God has great blessings in store


Others may not know it

But, you were a poet

Your vocabulary was unmatchable

You would often say "my brother,

Because of God, I am - Untouchable"


You knew, you knew, that you knew

God had prepared a place for you

So "my brother" all is well

As we think about you

We realize you have left us

A great story to tell


Toby D

That’s who you will always be to me


Joseph L. Smalls, Jr.©

September 28, 2004