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A New Awakening

The Abraham Brothers

The Abrams

All In The Family

Allen Singers

The Amazing Sons of Bamberg

The American Jubilee Singers

The Angelettes

Angels of Faith

Anointed Angels

The Anointed Covenant Sonz

Anointed Jubilaires

Anointed Sons

Anointed Voices of Dillon

Deacon Anthony & The Sensational Angels


The Ashley Singers

The Ballard Sisters

The Baronets

James Barr and The Seven Angels

The Baston SingersThe Baston Batesburg-Leesville, SC The Baston Singers is a gospel group that is well-know throughout the Carolinas and surrounding areas. The group w2as very popular throughout the 60’s and 90’s, performing throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, New York, Maryland, and many other states as well. Over the years, the Baston Singers have performed on programs with many national and international recording artists as well as beloved local groups. The members of The Baston Singers are all siblings born to the late Reverend Booker T. Baston, Sr. and the late Dora Bobo Baston. Most of the members of the group now live far apart, which makes it difficult for the group to perform on a regular basis. However, the Baston Singers are sill in hot demand and get together several times per year to deliver powerful, spirit-filled performances. Sylvia Quick (843) 453-4656 hermantee@yahoo.com

Jimmy "June" Bess & The Gospel Revelations

Big Bubba & The Eternal Harmonizers

Big Mack & The Harmonettes

Big Man & The Gospel Enforcers

Big Sam & The Angelic Gospel Singers

Bishop Staley & The Appointed


Boyz Of Camden

The Brewsteraires

The Brothers of Harmony

The Brown Brothers

Andrew Brown & The Brown Brothers

Mike Brown & Company

Norris Brown & Holy Vision

Bishop Ronald E. Brown

T. D. Brown & The Gloryaires

Calvin Brownlee & The New Gospel Aires

The Burgess Sisters of Cades

Deacon Burgess & The Mighty Soul Searchers

The Burns Brothers of Belton

Butch & The Voices of Faith

C. J. Butler

The C-Young Singers

Rev. Callahan & The Pearls of Lights

The Camden Crusaders

Lloyd Cannady & The Flying Clouds of Plumbranch

The Calvaliers of Eastover

Capital City Four

The Caravans of Lake City

The Carolina Gospel Singers

The Celestial Singers


Rev. Julius Cheeks


The Chosen Disciples

The Chosen Ones

The Chosen Ones of Letta

The Christian Brothers

Rev. Joe Clark & The New Inspirations

The Clouds of Joy of Bishopville

Colleton Spiritualaires

Liz Collier & The Inspirational Voices

Columbia Gospel All-Stars

The Columbia Spirituals

Community Brothers

Madame Edna Gallmon Cooke

The Corenthians Gospel Singers of Sumter





Daughters of The King

Daughters of Zion

Deacon Joe Davis & The Choice Gospel Singers of Hopkins

Debra and The Sunrise Jubilees


Sam Dennis & The Sam Dennis Singers

Lil' Desi and The Sons of FaithLil’ Desi And The Sons Of Faith Batesburg-Leesville, SC From the gospel-rich town of Batesburg-Leesville, South Carolina, Lil’ Desi And The Sons of Faith is a group that began performing at a very young age. The lead singer, Lil’ Desi, was only eight years old when the group first began singing back in the early 80’s. The group consists of four brothers (Herman Quick, Corwin Quick, Andrea Quick, and Desmond Quick) and a cousin (Thayer Bowers), all of whom were second-generation quartet singers who were following in the footsteps other parents who were members of The Baston Singers. Lil’ Desi And The Sons Of Faith sang on program with many gospel legends as well as local groups. The members of the group grew older and moved to various parts of the country after high school. This made it difficult for the group to perform on a regular basis. Lil’ Desi is all grown up now, but he and the crew still love to sing and praise the Lord. The group reunites periodically to delver powerful, spirit-filled performances on occasion. Herman Quick (843) 453-9383 hermantee@yahoo.com

The Diamond Jubilees

Josephine Dicks & The Inspires

Rev. Jerial Dingle & The Harmonics


The Dixie Hummingbird

Eagle Jubilee Four

Echoes Of Faith

Echoes of Harmony

Rev. Tryon Eichelburger & His New Thing

Tommy Ellison & The Five Singing Stars

Emmanuel Gospel Singers


The Everreadies

The Exciting Harris Brothers

The Fabulous Pringle Brothers

The Fabulous Sons Of Grace

The Faithful Sons

Kendrell Felder and His Grace

The Five Gospels, Charleston

The Five Gospel Singers

The Five Singing Sons of North

The Five Singing Stars

Flossie & The Singing Sisters

Flossie Boyd Johnson & Favor

The Flying Clouds

The Flying Souls


Focus of Belton

The Four Shadows of McColl

Deacon James Frazier and The Warriors


The Fulmore Family




Alecia Weeks Garrick


Gentlemen of Grace

George and The New Faith of Sumter

The Gerald Sister

Gloria & The Singing Angels

The Glory Gospel Singers of Kingstree

Glory singers

God's Favor of Fairfax

God's Favor of Lake City

God's Light

Willie Goins & The Melondyettes

The Golden Crowns

The Golden Echoes

The Golden Five

The Golden Keys

Gospel Aires

The Gospel Aires of Chester

Gospel All-Stars

Gospel Caravans of Lake City

The Gospel Cavaliers of Lugoff

The Gospel Charms of Lake City

The Gospel Charms of Scranton

The Gospel Commanders

The Gospel Creators of Manning

Gospel Crusaders of Batesburg/Leesville

Gospel Eagles

The Gospel Hi-Lites

The Gospel Hummingbirds

The Gospel Incredibles

The Gospel Jewels

The Gospel Leaders

The Gospel Legends

Gospel Light Jubilee Singers

Gospel Lights

The Gospel Modulations

The Gospel Originals

Gospel Pearls

The Gospel Pilgrim Singers

The Gospel Redeemers

The Gospel Saints

The Gospel Samaritans

The Gospel Serenity

The Gospel Soul Seekers

Gospel Soulettes

The Gospel Specials of Columbia

Gospel Spiritual-Ettes of New Zion

The Gospel Star-Lites

The Gospel Stars

The Gospel Tides

Gospel Travelers

The Gospel Travelers of Batesburg

The Gospel Travelers of Lancaster

Gospel Truetones of Thompson

Gospel Upsetters

Guiding Angels

The Happyland Singers

Harmonizing Six

The Harmony Boyz

The Harmony Kings of Orangeburg

Harp & The Soul Disciples

Heavenly Aires

Heavenly-Aires of Tookee-Doo

Heavenly Gospel Singers

The Heavenly Heirs Singers

Heavenly Stars

The Heavenly Voices

Marlese Hendrix & The Gospel Singers

Henry Family

Tommy Hicks & The Gospel Harmonizers

High Spirits

Raiford Hinton & The Fantastic


Ricardo Holmes & The Heavenly Heirs

Lamar Horne and The  Gospel Serenadors

Little Hop & The Soul Disciples

Hopkins Brothers

The Humming Doves

Hummingbird Jubilees of Aiken

The Humming Bird Jubilees Singers of Aiken

The Indian Boys

The Industrial Harmonizers

Inspiration Singers





Earl Jackson & The Voices of Victory

Richard Jamison & Morning Stars of Glory

The Jarvis Brothers

Rev. Andrew Johnson & Family

Rev. George R. Johnson & The


Keith "Wonderboy" Johnson & The Spiritual Voices

Michael Johnson and Anointed Praise

Vernon Johnson & The New Gospel  Wonders

The Jones Brothers

Rachel Jones & God's Favor

The Jones Singers of Hopkins


Joy Singers of Blackville

The Joyful Commanders

The Joylite Gospel Singers

Kevin Joyner & The New Chosen Disciples

Jubilee Juniors of St. Matthews

The Junior Boys

Jr. Wells & Gospel Allstars

Just The Word of Johnston

Dr. Kelly & The One Man Band

The Knight Family

Doc Lewis & St. Matthew Singers

Willie Lewis & The Gospel Angels

Lil Anthony and The Truetones

Lil' Ray & The Angels

Little Larry & The Supreme Highlights

Little Ricky & The Mighty Golden Stars

The Lyles Brothers

Liz & The Inspirational Voices




Jerry Mack and the Joy

  Gospel Singers

The Majestics

The Majestic Singers

Marcel Gospel Singers

Mary and the New Creations

The Masonic Travelers

Rev. Matthew Mickens & The New

  Highway Travelers

Melodic Voices

The Melodyaires of North Augusta

The Mighty Gospel Saints of Norway

The Mighty Linder Singers

Mitch & The Sensational Starlights

Sister Mitchell & The Gospellettes of Camden

The Missionary Gospel Singers

The Modulations

Deacon Nathaniel Moyd & The Satisfied

  Gospel Singers

Moncks Corner Hummingbirds

Deacon Moore & The Satisfied Gospel Singers

Jerome Moorehead & Voices of Faith

The Mullins Sister

Sister Mary Myers & The Team of Joy

Pelham Myers & The Five Singing Stars

The McClary Singers

The McClary Singers of Kingstree

The McCorkle Brothers

Ricky McDuffie & The Family

Derrick McDuffie & The Spiritual Messengers

Darrell McFadden & the Fantastic Disciples

Rener Mae Mcfadden

McGill Sisters of Dillon

Doc McKenzie & the Gospel Hi-Lites

Doc McKenzie & The Hi-Lites




The National Juniors of Columbia

New Awakening

The New Boyz of Sumter

The New Chosen Disciples

The New Chosen Disciples of Greenville

New Covenants

New Gospel Aires

The New Gospel Tides of North Charleston

The New Gospel Truth

The New Soul Revivers Of North  Charleston

The New Sons of Thunder




The Oliver Family

One Accord Gospel Singers

The Palmettos

The Palmetto Gospel Singers

The Pearls of Faith

Ernest Pearson & the Singing Disciples

The Will Peay Singers

Bill Pinkney & The Gospel Drifters

The Powerful Singing Tornadoes


Rev. Willie Pringle and the Melodyettes 

The Prodigal Sons

Purpose Driven

Mr. Quinn




Radio Angels

Raiford & The New Fantastic Jordanaires

Ray & The Angels


Retha & The Gospel Caravans



The Richardson Starlights

The Rising Stars of Eastover

Roy & Revelations

Royal Lights

The Royal Travelers


Seed of Christ

The Sensational Brown Brothers

The Sensational Four

Sensational Jubilee

Sensational Southern Echoes

The Sensational Traveling Echoes of Johns Island, SC

Deacon Hosea Session & The Messengers

Seven Stars Quartette

Silver Stars

The Silver Trumpets

Silvertone Jubilee Quartette

The Silvertone Singers

The Singing Angels of Olanta

The Singing Angels of Sumter

The Singing Cavaliers of Eastover

The Singing Cavaliers of Lugoff

The Singing Crusaders

Singing Stars of Johnston

The Singing Jubilees

Sisters In Christ

The Six Voices of Zion

The Smith Sisters

Deacon James Smith & The Sons Of Grace

Sons of Abraham

Sons of Christ

Sons of God

The Sons of Faith

The Souls of Joy

The Southern Bells

The Southern Gospel Singers

The Southern Tones

The Southernaires

The Southland Troubadors

Spartanburg Famous Four

Spirit of Columbia

The Spiritual Harmonizers

The Spiritual Messengers

The Spiritual Softnotes

The Spiritual Stars

The Spiritual Uplifters

The Spiritual Wiseman of Sumter, SC & Company

The Spiritual Wonders

The Spiritualaires of Columbia

The Staley Brothers

The Stars of Zion

The Starlette Gospel Singers

The Starlights

Sterling High School Quartet

Ted Steward & Distinction

Sumter Violinaires

Sunset Gospel Singer

The Sunshine Gospel Singers

The Supreme Hi-Lites

The New Supreme Wonders Of Charleston

The Swanees of Pageland

The Taylor Brothers & Sisters

Taylor Singers

The Taylor Sisters

Melvin Teal and the Eveninaries

Team of Joy

Thomas & The Singing Angels

Deacon Thompson & Company

Three Keys Choice

Tony and Company

Torie & The Glorified Voices

Total Praise of Sumter

Totally Committed

The Traveling Echoes

The Traveling Four

The True Gospel Singers

The True Tones of Andrews

Norris Turner






Violinaires of Sumter



Vizion of Lake City

Voices of Calvary

The Voices of Faith

The Voices of New Faith

The Voices of Praise of Hemingway

Voices of Praise of Lancaster

The Voices Of Thunder

Mary Washington & The Soul Stirrers

Charlie Watson & The Silver Stars

Jessie Watkins & The Gospel Hilites

The Week Sisters

Junior Wells & The All-Stars

William Brothers of St. Matthews

The Willing Workers

Joe Wilson & The Sons of Thunder

Women of Strength

Women With A Vision





Curtis Young and the C. Young Singers

The Zionaires