The Gospel Hummingbirds



In a time not to long ago (1963), seven (7) young men decided to form a gospel group to sing praise to our Lord and Savior.  They had grown up together, knew each other quit well, and lived in the same neighborhood.  There were two sets of brothers, Calvin, Archie and Roy Smalls; and Bobby and Sam Weiters.  And their good friends Elijah Palmer and Ricky Burden completed the initial lineup of the group.  At the time the group was formed the members ranged in ages from 11 to 15.   


They had three things in common, their love of God, their love of gospel quartet music, and their friendship.  With this combination they were destine to sing Godís praises.


The were initially The Moncks Corner Hummingbirds, but Archie suggested a name change and before their first performance the name was changed to The Gospel Hummingbirds.


Calvin and Sam sang first tenor, Roy sang second tenor, Bobby sang bass, Archie played the lead guitar, Ricky sang second tenor, and Elijah played the bass guitar.  Various persons served as the drummer for the group. 


They horned there singing talents by performing at local churches and other venues.  As the members graduated from high school and moved away they were replaced by individuals that lived in their local community, including Delbert Brown.  The Gospel Hummingbirds never recorded, thou there exist a tape recording of at least one of their public performance.       


The group suffered a great loss when Calvin died in 1975.  By the time of his death Roy and Bobby had already left for the military and college.  After Calvin's death the group's name was changed to Big Sam and The Angelic Gospel Singers.


When the group's name was changed, it became more of a chorale than a gospel quartet group.  Eunice Burden, Sass Burden, Evelyn Crooker, Robin Crooker, Gail Jenkins, Sylious Crooker, and several other persons from the community would join the group after the name change.  However, they continued to sing the gospel quartet style of music.


Tragedy struck the group again with the death of Ricky in 1981.  However, Big Sam and The Angelic Gospel Singers continued to praise and worship the Lord in song.  The group actually recorded during this time. 


Tragedy once again struck the group when Sam died in 1985.  Though the group tried to continue without its initial lead singers, it was soon felt that the group could not continue.  Therefore in 1986 the group disbanded.


Since that time, Eunice Burden and Evelyn Crooker have gone to be with the Lord.  Although, no longer singing with a gospel quartet group, Archie and Roy remain active in gospel music.  They are both business owners.  Bobby is retired from the military.           





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