Not too long ago, there was a promoter of gospel music in Columbia – Mr. Andrew Brown.  Mr. Gospel was a protégé of Mr. Brown.  When Mr. Brown died the mantle was passed on to Mr. Gospel.  He almost single handedly kept gospel quartet music alive in South Carolina for many years.  He helped to train a new group of promoters and gospel announcers to step up to the plate. 


Mr. Gospel was a friend to everyone, particularly those in the gospel music industry.  Mr. Gospel was one of the most enthusiastic gospel quartet radio announcers to be found anywhere.  Not only was he a weekly announcer on his own radio show, he also consistently promoted the greatest gospel quartet groups in gospel music.


Across the country all the National Groups knew Mr. Gospel.  In fact, it was rare for any group to pass through the Columbia area and not seek out Mr. Gospel.


Not many people knew that he once sang with a gospel quartet group.  Some of his fond memories of that time were that the groups use to wear pedal pushers pants and the many times they sang with the National Groups.


The first group he promoted was the Boss of the South, The Swanee Quintet.  He was responsible for bringing so many groups to South Carolina, including The Swan Silvertones, H. R. Harris and The Soul Stirrers, The Nightingales, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, The Jackson Southernaires, and The Blind Boys of Mississippi. 


 Mr. Gospel had a tendency to label a group with a nickname that seems to always amply describe the group.  For instance he refers to The Mighty Clouds of Joy as The Mighty Mighty Clouds of Joy.  In his own words “the Clouds are so great that you had to say Mighty twice.”  The Six Voices of Zion of Columbia he called his headliners.  The Gospel AllStars of Orangeburg, South Carolina he described as a group that “Have a million dollars worth of talent and never have to use it all.”


Mr. Gospel was still promoting concerts until his health began to deteriorate.  One that is held annually in Sumter, South Carolina is called the Ugly Man Contest.  Yes, they do select the ugliest man at the concert and shower him with gifts and accolades.  He had gathered a group of some of Columbia, South Carolina's finest gospel quartet groups and refers to them as The Blockbuster.  He reminded all the National Groups that when you are on a program with any member of The Blockbusters you have got to be ready to sing at your best. 


During the First Annual SC Gospel Quartet Awards Banquet, Mr. Tindal was recogized for all of his hard work on behalf of the gospel quartet groups, particularly the local groups, by being awarded the Legend Award.  He was truly a Legend in the field of gospel music.


A few years ago, the American Gospel Quartet Convention in Birmingham, Alabama, recognized Mr. Tindal as one of 11 persons from around the country that was awarded The Cornerstone Award.  This prestigious award signified his sacrifices, dedication, and commitment to the field of gospel quartet music. 


We thank God for his life.  And, we thank the Tindal family for sharing Mr. Gospel with the gospel music community for over 50 years. 


SC Gospel Quartets