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May 22, 2003


The Zionaires have joined the Quartets' page.  Visit the Quartets' page for access to The Zionaires' web page.



There is a new radio station featuring gospel quartet music.  It is The Gospel Network.  It is a 24 hours internet radio network.  Visit our LINKS page for immediate access to The Gospel Network.



June 3, 2003


Columbia is buzzing about the upcoming live recording of some of South Carolina's favorite gospel quartet groups.  The recording will take place on Friday, July 11, 2003 at 7:00 PM at Temple of Praise - 1723 Leesburg Road, Columbia, South Carolina. 


Groups taking part in this historic recording are Rev. Matthew Mickens and The New Highway Travelers, The Six Voices of Zion, The Gospel All-Stars, Antioch, The National Juniors, The Brewsteraires, Singing Angels of Sumter, and The Zionaires.


The doors open at 5:30 PM. The cost of admission is $10.00 per person.  No tickets are being sold in advance. You will be able to pay at the door. If you attend no other concert this year, this is definitely one to attend. For further information contact Blanche Goodson at (703) 261-9546 or (703) 783-0068, or Soteria Management and Consultants at (912) 534-5583.



June 9, 2003


Pictures of 2003 Awards Banquet added. To view pictures go to the Awards Banquet page and scroll down to the bottom.



August 11, 2003


The National Juniors have joined the Quartets' page.  Visit the Quartets' page for access to The National Juniors' web page.



August 28, 2003


The Brewsteraires ranked number 1.


For two months in a row the Brewsteraires' web page has been the most visited page at this site.  Congratulations to The Brewsteraires. If your group is not posted on the Quartets' page you are missing a golden opportunity to advertise the availability of your group.



September 1, 2003


If you were looking for a gospel concert on this Labor Day weekend, South Carolina was the place to be.  On Sunday, August 31, 2003, there were concerts in Charleston, Bull Swamp, Sumter, Hopkins and Greenville just to name a few.


On Sunday, August 31, 2003, Shirley Caesar and a host of other "major" artists were at the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville.  SC Gospel Quartet has not received a report on this concert, but with Shirley Caesar being in the house we are sure it was a blessed occasion for all that attended.


On Sunday, August 31, 2003, Deacon Robert Burgess and The Mighty Soul Searchers celebrated their 34th anniversary in Sumter, South Carolina.  Sumter and the surrounding area really supported this program.  There was standing room only.  In fact, many had to stand outside the building and just listen to the praise and worship that was going on in the inside. The crowd was blessed with the song ministries of The Abrams, Revelation, George and The New Faith of Sumter, The Gospel All-Stars, The National Juniors, The Gospel Charms of Lake City, Sumter Violinaires, and Ernest Pearson and the Singing Disciples of Manning, South Carolina. 


All of the groups were great, but the night belonged to Revelation and Deacon Robert Burgess and the Mighty Soul Searchers. The crowd did not want Revelation to leave the stage.  These young men ministered in such a way, that all were on their feet praising God the entire time they were on stage.  To Revelation we say, stay the course. God is certainly using you to bless his people.


Deacon Burgess and the guys went back and did some of the crowd favorites, beginning with Don't Wonder About Him, and then they took a trip down memory lane and ended with the drive song Meet Me Jesus In The Middle of The Air.  Overall, this was a wonderful program and what a way to spend part of your Labor Day weekend.


On Sunday, August 31, 2003, Pelham Myers and the Five Singing Stars celebrated their anniversary at Ladson Chapel Baptist Church Family Life Center, Hopkins, South Carolina.  We are very pleased to report that the program started on time.  And what a time it was. Several hundred persons were blessed with the music of Big Mack and the Harmonettes, The Singing Cavaliers of Eastover, The Redeemers, The Six Voices of Zion, the anniversary group, and the legendary Jackson Southernaires.


The Jackson Southernaires really blessed the house.  Huey and the guys were definitely "In The House."  They had plenty of time to sing, and sing they did.  They did some old and some new songs.  Their smooth tear-jerking rendition of Your Grace and Mercy was worth the price of admission. But they did not stop there.  They went back and did many of the crowd's favorites and ended with songs from their new project - Anniversary.  The Jackson Southernaires was at their best.  In fact, it was easy to envision the late Frank Williams on the stage with the group.  They really ministered.


Congratulations to Pelham Myers and the Five Singing Stars for a great Labor Day weekend gospel program.


On Monday, September 1, 2003, the world renown Margaret Allison and the Angelic Gospel Singers, along with Doc McKenzie and the Hi-Lites were in Sumter, South Carolina.  We have not received a report on this concert, but with The Angelic Gospel Singers having not been in the Sumter/Columbia area within the past 12 years, one can only imagine that this was an awesome program. After all, the Doctor was in the house.



September 9, 2003


The rain started to fall*


On Sunday, September 7, 2003 it appears that South Carolina received more rain in one day than the entire summer. The rain started to fall and it rained all day Sunday.  Didn't it rain.  However, thou the rain kept falling, it did not damper the 36th Anniversary of the Gospel All-Stars. In spite of the heavy rain, the Orangeburg community and surrounding area really supported the All-Stars.  The crowd really showed their appreciation to the singers. 


The program began with The Modulations of Orangeburg. They were followed by The Gospel Saints of Norway.  After the Gospel Saints, Big Mack and the Harmonettes electrified the crowd. Next, Gospel Redeemers showed that they have not deviated from the high standard set by their founder the late Bumpsie Welch. After the Redeemer, The Gospel All-Stars really rocked the house.  The crowd was on their feet the entire time they ministered. 


The legendary Shepherds were next.  The Shepherds is a very good group and they really sang for the people.  This group should be on every major program across this country. Spirit of Columbia, who really blessed the house, followed the Shepherds.  The Rising Stars of Eastover took over from Spirit without skipping a beat. 


The Six Voices of Zion, a group commonly known as The Headliners (a name given to them by Nero "Mr. Gospel" Tindal) closed the program.  They showed why they are called Headliners. Congratulations to the Gospel All-Stars for an outstanding Praise and Worship program.


*It's Gonna Rain - Canton Spirituals - Greatest Hits CD



September 10, 2003


The History Page has been completely revised.  Are you or your group listed?



September 15, 2003


Reverend Andrew Chearis and the Songbird really rocked the house on Saturday, September 13, 2003. The Songbird appeared in concert in Hopkins, South Carolina at Lower Richland High School Arena. Not only did Rev. Chearis sing, but he also ministered. The Brown Boyz of New York was also in the house. They really electrified the crowd. This group is on their way to the top.


Rev. Matthew Mickens and the New Highway Travelers, The National Juniors of Columbia, The Gospel All-Stars, Rev. George R. Johnson and The Johnsonaires, The Abrams, Deacon Joe Davis and The Choice Gospel Singers of Hopkins were all outstanding.  They really ministered in song.


The Mistress of Ceremony duties were shared between Ms. Blanche Goodson and Ms. Bridgett Shelly of Tupelo, Mississippi. Ms. Shelly is a member of the advisory board of the American Gospel Quartet Convention and is dedicated to doing whatever she can to preserve quartet music. It was a very pleasant surprise to have her at the program. Overall, this was a great concert. It was indeed a praise and worship service.



September 21, 2003


On Saturday, September 20, 2003, at the Masonic Temple in Camden, a benefit program was held for one of quartet gospel music greatest fan - Calvin Cain. Before highlighting the program we must present to you Eddie Cabbagestalk, Jr. Eddie Cabbagestalk, Jr. - remember that name. You will be hearing a lot about this young man.


Eddie is the keyboard player for The Ballad Sisters of Camden.  Eddie is a phenomenal keyboard player.  We have heard keyboard players with many of the national groups.  We can only say to them that there is a new kid on the block. Eddie's talents measure up to any of these national groups' keyboardists. Eddie is also a great singer. But the most unique aspect to this you man is that he is only 8 years old.


That's right, only 8 years old. According to his mother, who is one of the member of The Ballard Sisters, Eddie has been playing the keyboard and signing since he was 5 years old.  This young man is GOOD! After a spirit filled devotional service led by Deacon Raymond Jones of the Prodigal Sons, the first group to be call to the stage was The Ballard Sisters.  The Ballard Sisters were awesome, and with the talents of young Eddie, one can only imagine the heights this group is destined to obtain.


The National Juniors followed the Ballard Sisters.  The National Juniors have a new lead singer, Reggie Jenkins. Reggie brings a fresh sound to the Juniors. The Juniors were, as always, great.  Rev. Matthew Mickens and The New Highway Travelers were next.  The energy they displayed kept the crowd on their feet the entire time.  This group gives you a hard hitting quartet sound and style.  They are always a crowd pleaser. They sing God's word in song with a lot of power.  Look out world, the New Highway Travelers are on their way to the top.


The Gospel Incredibles from Atlanta followed the New Highway Travelers. They had plenty of time to sing, and they really song for the people. The testimony of Minister Clark Connor was very powerful.  He electrified the crowd with how God healed him from cancer. The Gospel Incredibles are, in deed, incredible.


The Brewsteraires closed the program, and what a way to close the program. They were joined on stage by Leslie Fisher of the Six Voices of Zion and Rev. George Johnson of Rev. George Johnson and The Johnsonaires.  The New Highway Travelers' musicians backed up the Brewsteraires.  This ensemble left no doubt that God was being praised and lifted up. 


This was a benefit program for Calvin Cain. Calvin is the number one fan of Evelyn Turrentine-Agee.  Thou she could not, because of prior commitment, attend the program she was gracious enough (along with her husband) to call and speak to Calvin at the program.  Calvin was already on a spiritual high, but after talking to his favorite gospel singer, he could not be contained.  Thank you Evelyn and Joe for taking the time from your concert in New York to share words of encouragement with Calvin.  Congratulations to The SC Gospel Quartet Awards Banquet and the family and friends of Calvin Cain for making Saturday night a night to remember.



September 22, 2003


Information on the upcoming 5th Annual SC Gospel Quartet Awards Banquet has been added to site.



October 7, 2003


Blanche Goodson Day


The Fifth Annual Blanche Goodson Day was indeed a very successful program.  Several hundred persons witnessed great preaching and outstanding gospel quartet music.  According to many, it was an experience that Hopkins and the surrounding area will never forget.  As a result of the success of the program, five (5) scholarships will be granted to students for the 2004-2005 school year.



October 13, 2003


Luther Barnes Fall Classic


Congratulations to two of South Carolina's finest quartet groups.  We understand that The Anointed Angels of Columbia was the second place winner, and that Norris Brown and Holy Vision of Effingham, South Carolina won first place.  Congratulations to these groups for their dedication to spreading the Word through Song, being committed to their ministry, and for showcasing the exceptional talent from South Carolina.



October 25, 2003


Lee Williams and The Spiritual QC's Anniversary


On Friday, October 25, 2003, Lee Williams and The Spiritual QC's began their anniversary weekend with a power packed concert in Denmark, South Carolina.  The crowd of about 1,700 was certainly treated to some of the best in Gospel Quartet Music.  The program began with devotion and the performance of several area groups including The Gospel Legends of Columbia and Richard Jamison & Morning Stars of Glory of Orangeburg.


After which the Williams Brothers (minus Henry Green) gave the crowd much to shout about.  They were vintage Williams Brothers.  They ended their set with "Cooling Waters." And yes, Lee Williams did join them on stage for the signing of "Cooling Waters."  This was certainly a crowd pleaser.  Lee Williams and The Spiritual QC's then took the stage and really ministered to the people.  They did some of the old favorites like "Running For My Life," and songs from their new project Right On Time. They ended their ministering with "I Can't Give Up."  It was powerful and the crowd was left begging for more. 


You would think that it could not get any better after Lee and the guys left the stage.  But, of course the Doctor was in the house.  Doc McKenzie and the Gospel Hi-Lites followed the QC's.  They took the service to another level.  Doc began with "What A Friend We Have In Jesus."  His rendition of this hymn was so powerful that many people were in tears. Doc and the guys really ministered.  During one of his songs Doc refers to the area in front of the stage as "the pool."  Well, the pool was crowded.  Not only was the pool full, but people were coming out of their seats into the isles.  There is no doubt about it, Doc McKenzie and the Gospel Hi-Lites really know how to minister in song.


The Canton Spiritual (minus Dwayne and Theo) closed the program. They did some old and some new songs. Although it was the QC's anniversary, it was Doc McKenzie and the Gospel Hi-Lites' night. Lookout world Doc McKenzie and the Gospel Hi-Lites are taking gospel quartet music to another level. With such a spirited program it was unfortunate that there was not an alter call at the end of the service.



October 27, 2003


The fourth Sunday in October of each year belongs to The National Juniors.  It is always the date for their anniversary program.  On Sunday, October 26, 2003, twelve groups joined The National Juniors for this year's celebration.  The first group to perform was the Gospel Cavaliers of Lugoff.  They were followed by Sister Mitchell and the Gospellettes.


The Southernaires were next.  After which, the Gospel Saints of Norway performed. They were followed by Rev. George Johnson and The Johnsonaires.  Next The Carolina Gospel Singers took the stage.  Then it was time for the anniversary group.  The National Juniors really showed their appreciation for those that came out to the program.  The Six Voices of Zion followed the Juniors.  The Brewsteraires then showed why they are in such high demand.


The Golden Trumpet of North Carolina was the guest group. They are rightfully named.  They have a very powerful yet smooth sound.  Big Mack and the Harmonettes, Deacon Joe Davis and The Choice Gospel Singers, and The Chosen Ones closed the program.  We congratulate the National Juniors for continuing to lift the Word in song for over forty years.



November 2, 2003


The Brewsteraires' Anniversary


On Saturday, November 1, 2003, The Brewsteraires celebrated their 52nd anniversary.  After a spirited devotion, the fist group to take the state was The Smith Sisters.  They were followed by The Radio Angels. Women with a Vision then blessed the house.  The Spiritual Harmonizers took the crowd back to the good old days of gospel music.  They are a good group.


The Revelations of Augusta, Georgia was next and they really lifted our Lord and Savior is song.  The anniversary group took the stage and really ministered.  Calvin Cain joined them for a trip down memory lane. Words do not fully explain the awesome music ministry of the Brewsteraires.  The crowd did not want them to leave the stage.


The National Juniors and Big Mack and the Harmonettes closed the program.  Emcee duties were performed by Ms. Blanche V. S. Goodson.  Congratulations to the Brewsteraires for staying true to their calling and for a great anniversary program.



November 17, 2003


Lee Williams and The Spiritual QC's spent the weekend in South Carolina.  They performed four concerts over the weekend.


Starr, South Carolina


On Friday, November 14, 2003, Lee Williams and The Spiritual QC's were in Starr, South Carolina.  With only two local groups on the program, the QC's were able to perform a full concert.  The place was packed, standing room only, and the crowd really enjoyed every minute of the song ministry of the QC's.



Goose Creek


Saturday, November 15, 2003 was truly a great day in South Carolina. No, we do not mean USC lost to the University of Florida or Clemson's stomping Duke.  We are not referring to SC State's triumph over Florida A&M or Benedict College ending the season over 500 by beating Lane College.  We are talking about the birthday and recovery celebration of the matriarch of a family from Moncks Corner, South Carolina. Unfortunately we do not have authorization to use her or the family's name.  Without being able to give you the name, we can tell you what happened.  God blessed her to recover from illness and to exceed the 4 score and 10 years that some believe to be the optimum life span.  In fact she is celebrating her 74th birthday.


Those gathered included her husband, children and their spouses, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, cousins and friends.  It was a big event.  What made it even greater was the surprise guest, Lee Williams and the Spiritual QC's.  Yes, Lee was there.  By special arrangement Lee and the fellows performed a concert for this private gathering before heading to Lake City for Tommy Ellison's anniversary program.  There were no other groups or singers at this private gathering, just Lee Williams and the Spiritual QC's.  As expected, the QC's were great.  God certainly moved in a mighty way.  The QC's did mostly requested songs.  Those gathered could not contain themselves when the QC's sang an extended version of "I've Come To Far To Turn Around."  It indeed was a "Good Time" and the QC's was definitely "Right on Time."



Lake City


Tommy Ellison's Anniversary


On Saturday, November 15, 2003, Tommy Ellison and The Singing Stars celebrated their anniversary in Lake City.  By all reports, it was a great program.  The emcee, James Wilson, kept the program on schedule. After devotion, local groups, including the Daughters of Zion and The Gospel Legends, opened the program.


Thereafter, The Williams Brothers took the stage. They had plenty of time to sing. The Brothers (including Green) were great.  Next the Christianaires rocked the house.  It has been a long time since the Christianaires have been in South Carolina, and they really made up for their absence.  Paul and the guys really ministered to the crowd. Whenever you see the Christianaires you can expect to get a testimony from Paul, and he did not disappoint the crowd. 


The anniversary group was next.  Tommy and the Singing Stars sang a melody of some of their most popular songs. And you know Tommy had to "sail" before they left the stage.  This night was no different.  The Singing Stars are some of the best musicians in the industry, and they were at their best.  Lee Williams and the Spiritual QC's closed the program.  Unlike a lot of programs, this time they had plenty of time to sing. Lee and the guys were awesome.  With so many hits it did not matter what they sang it was going to be appreciated.  Those present really enjoyed the QC's.


Overall, this was a great anniversary.  The crowd of about 2,000 really showed the Singing Stars that they are truly appreciated.  The folks in and around Lake City really like their "gospel quartet" music.  Lake City is a great place for a gospel quartet concert.



Rock Hill


Lee Williams and The Spiritual QC's rapped up the weekend with a concert in Rock Hill on Sunday, November 16, 2003.  We have not received a report on this concert, but we can only imagine that the folks in and around Rock Hill were treated to the very best in gospel quartet music.



December 1, 2003


The Chosen Ones' Anniversary


Have you ever been blessed to be in a praise and worship service that you did not want to end?  Have you ever felt the anointing so powerful that you know that the Spirit showed up and showed out.  Well, if you have, then you have an idea of the grand first anniversary of The Chosen Ones of Columbia.


The anniversary was held on Sunday, November 30, 2003, at Faith Hope and Charity Church. The church was full to capacity.  Several groups did not get to sing.  The reason for their not singing had nothing to do with time.  The praise and worship was so powerful, no one wanted it to end.  Those that did get to sing just continued the praise and worship. This is what a concert should be about.  That is, lifting the name of our Lord and Savior in song.  No show.  No gimmicks.  No pretence.  Just letting the Spirit take over, and the congregation (crowd) basking in the "glory that filled the house."


It was a time for souls to be saved.  It was a time for lives to be changed.  It was a time for healing.  What a time, what a time it was.  It was a time for groups to recognize that their music ministry is just that - a ministry.


The groups and choirs that did sing really let the Holy Spirit use them. Those that sang were St. John Baptist Church Musical Choir, the dance team of First John Baptist Church, the praise team from St. Paul AME Church, the National Juniors, Teams of Joy, Ray and the Angels and Women of Strength.  Those that did not, because of the anointing presence of the Spirit, were Big Bubba & The Eternal Harmonizers, the Rev. George R. Johnson and The Johnsonaires, Revalations, The Sons of Christ and the Ballard Sisters. 


However, none of these groups were complaining.  They understood that the Holy Spirit had done all that was needed for the night and that it was time for the benediction.  This was one of the best concerts that have been in the Columbia area in many years.


Congratulations to The Chosen Ones.  With the first anniversary being so powerful, we are looking forward to the second.



December 8, 2003


The Pilgrim Jubilees


In the liner notes to their new CD The Pilgrim Jubilees defines "Jubilee" as being "jubilant, rejoicing, and to exult."  Well this is a great description of the glorious time that was held on Sunday, December 7, 2003, at Bibleway Church on Atlas Road.  There was much rejoicing, feet stomping, and praise being sent up to our Lord and Savior. The concert began with a spirited devotion. 


The first group to perform was Elizabeth Male Chorus from Florence, SC. Although a chorus, there is no doubt that their roots are solidly in gospel quartet music.  They were followed by The National Juniors of Columbia.  The Juniors were excellent.  They were joined on stage by Johnny Pugh, one of their members who was on military leave from Iraq.  [We pray for his safe return to the USA after his tour of duty in Iraq is over.]  The Juniors are definitely on the move.  To borrow a phrase from the Jubes, they are getting better all the time.  They will be in Birmingham for the American Gospel Quartet Convention in January.


Next The Voices of Faith took the stage.  These four guys, all members of Brookland Baptist Church in West Columbia, can really sing.  They are working on their first CD.  We look forward to getting our hands on their new project.  The world is in for a real treat.  The Voices were followed by The Gospel Originals.  The Originals is a group from Aiken, SC.  We have seen this group in concert many times.  But their best performance was Sunday night.  Once this group develops "original" material they are sure to become one of the groups of the future.


Standing on their feet, the congregation, consisting of over a thousand persons, welcomed the Pilgrim Jubilees to the stage.  Among the songs they sang were "I Love You," "Don't Let Him Down," "Old Ship of Zion," "Fireball," and "Just Like He Said."  The Jubes did not let the congregation down.  They sang, and sang, and sang.  The Jubes were at their best.


The program started on time and under the capable hands of emcees Blanche V. S. Goodson and Deacon Nathaniel Stewart there was no down time during the concert.  Thank you Bibleway for not forgetting the quartets and for bringing this free concert to Columbia.



December 15, 2003


Saturday, December 13, 2003, was a great day in Lugoff, South Carolina.  To help usher in the holiday and the Christmas spirit Doc McKenzie and The Gospel Hi-Lites, along with Tommy Ellison and The Singing Stars appeared in a free benefit concert.  There was standing room only. The crowd came bearing gifts of all types.  Because of this program many families in the Camden/Lugoff area will have a great holiday.


Also on program was Brian Mayes and Heaven Bound.  If you have not seen Brian in concert, you are truly missing a treat.  This young man is anointed.  He does not give you a show.  He gives you a spirit fill song service.  The word "awesome" has been over used, but there is no better word to describe Brian.  He is just awesome. 


There were a number of other groups on the program.  They all did an excellent job in praising our Lord and Savior.  Tommy did something that he normally does not have the time to do, and that is sing.  Tommy really sang.  He did not have to ask the Lord to let the Holy Ghost "come on down" his singing was evidence that the Holy Ghost was present.  And there is no doubt that The Singing Stars are some of the best musicians in the industry.  And of course the Doctor was in the house.  So you know that all was well. 


Doc seems to elevate his song services each and every time.  Saturday night was no different.  Doc and the guys did some old favorites and some new songs.  They were at their best, and the audience really showed their appreciation. 


The emcee for the program was none other than Blanche V. S. Goodson, general manager of WLGO radio station.  She shared the emcee duties with Minister Curtis Young.  Also present was the Queen herself, Ms. Loretta Coleman of the Big DM and LC Ministries. 


This was a great program.  The Christmas spirit was in the air. Congratulations to the promoters, the singers and the audiences for making this an outstanding program, and for brightening the lives of so many with numerous gifts.




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